AGM AND SOCIAL - Sunday 9th 2018

Come and join us for a spectacularly short AGM report, followed by a chance to meet the New Ash Green Social team. Share some ideas, influance what we support, get involved if you want?

Want to know more? sneak preview the Chairman report below....

Chairman’s Report – 2018 AGM

John Gorton, Chair

Welcome to the 2018 New Ash Green Social AGM;

Those of us that have lived here a while will know that Village Day and the annual Fireworks display have been a feature of New Ash Green village for decades.  They are part of the village DNA and positively ingrained in the childhood memories of thousands that grew up here.

Our AGM date has moved so we have actually had two Village days since the March 2017 report. 

2017:- Of course 2017 was the village’s very special 50th anniversary celebration.  Village day (Led by Chris Gorton), being the opener to a whole range of events, not just organised by us however as  the VA did a cracking job of engaging with many clubs and associations to make 2017 a year to remember; concluding with our usual “Big Bang” Fireworks display, (Led by Dean Gorton), and finally our Christmas event for children (led by Sara Appleton).

2018:-  Our 2018 village day (Led by Dan Lilleycrop) built further on the success of the previous year, despite some real competition from the 2018 world cup.  A fresh approach to the central arena and stage worked well!  In short, another brilliant and successful day, and if you want to see how brilliant, check out the photo gallery from our official photographer Timothy Older on:-

The Team-  Our committee is made of an outstanding group of people; it is a feature of our committee that we support individuals joining and stepping back as they wish.  Our reasoning being it avoids individuals feeling burdened or over committed, and enables them to take a break and to re-engage later as it suits them, (it is supposed to be fun and rewarding after all)  

Since last AGM we have welcomed several new members, who have brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the group.   These include Russ Rogers; Dan Essery; Mike Smallwood and Kev and Steve Bass.

However some highly valued individuals have chosen to take a step back this year and we take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the following:-

·  Trevor Andrews (Pets Pantry): always a massive support to us.  Not only was Trevor’s shop our central point of contact in the village, he sponsored many of the events and was a key member of our committee so many years. 

·  James Hughesdon:  Our technical guru and long standing member - the person primarily responsible for the sound and lighting at our biggest events such as Fireworks and Village day. 

·  Sara Appleton:  another long-standing member who is best known for leading the Christmas crafts events and always a massive support behind the scenes. 

·  Chris Gorton:  who led our 2017 50th anniversary Village day, and did a brilliant job of organising our biggest event, (village day) as the opener of the biggest year of celebrations this village has ever seen.  (frankly I think we broke her, and she is still recharging her batteries) 

We owe a massive debt of gratitude to each of these individuals, who have freely given so much of their time and effort.  Of course we would very much look forward to their return at some point in the future..  


Good causes we have supported:-  Whilst our focus is on celebrating village life, we also aim to support local good causes associated with the village.  The treasurers report provides details of our donations and these include, Tools and a shelter for the Woodlands Group; A Fridge Freezer for the community centre; Decking for the school pond; Scoring equipment for the NAG fencing club; A Notice board for the Wellfield sheltered housing community in Hartley; Tables for Ash Church.

We are always looking to support local worthy causes, and if you think we can help, just contact us via


So what is coming-  With new members of the team have come new ideas and energy….

2018 Fireworks:-  (led once again by Dean Gorton), is going to be as spectacular as ever.   We caused some controversy by changing the date to the 3rd of November.   We regret the break with tradition, but frankly it has become too large and the safety requirements too onerous to compress this into a weekday evening.  It takes a small army of volunteers a full day to set up, (particularly now we have reintroduced the bonfire).  We hope that this small change will make this event sustainable for the future and accessible to more families.  We have a very loyal band of incredibly supportive helpers, but we desperately need more.  If you can help please do get in contact!

Christmas:- is shaping up to be nothing short of spectacular!.  This year (Led by Rus Rogers), we are planning a professional pantomime in the village, together with a craft event for children with traditional visit by Father Christmas.  Potentially we are also looking to work with the Town Team and local shops to extend the festivities and other events through the shops… 


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the committee and volunteers, who have worked so hard to make New Ash Green Social the success that it is.   

The biggest thanks however goes to you the villagers, it is the people that makes our village special and the committee and I would like to thank you all for the support and encouragement provided throughout the year.  We would welcome your interest in what we do and if you can spare a little time and would like to help (as much or as little; is all welcome!) you will be made very welcome.


John M Gorton

Chair of New Ash Green Social

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