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New ash green Aerospace Defence

NAG Social Tracks Santa


Everyone knows that Nag Social organises Village Day and Fireworks, but did you know they also run a covert network of satellite dishes and antennas in the village. Next time you’re out look carefully, you might just see satellite dishes hidden in back gardens, in bushes or on garden sheds. But what are they for? 


Once a year Nag Social uses this array to track Santa moving through the village, and this year they are making this network available to you! (but keep it a secret…)

Remember to click Refresh to get his latest location, And zoom in to New Ash Green to see the route...

UPDATE: Long range telemetry has indicated that Santa will land somewhere in Lambardes at approximately 17:30pm on Friday 1st Dec 2023. Based on this, his estimated speed and trajectory, Nag Social have drawn Santa's likely route through the village.

  • 17:30 to 17:40 - Lambardes & Capelands

  • 17:40 to 17:45 - Spring Cross

  • 17:50 to 18:05 - Manor Forstal & Knights Croft

  • 18:10 to 18:20 - Colt Stead, Ayelands & Millfield

  • 18:20 to 18:25 - Penenden

  • 18:30 to 18:40 - Farm Holt & Caling Croft

  • 18:40 to 18:45 - Bazes Shaw

  • 18:50 to 19:00 - Centre

Remember these are only estimates, half the fun is looking for him. So go out Friday for a walk and see if you can find him.

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